Is border crossing hiding truth of cuts?

I took a group to visit Penistone from Sheffield on Saturday.

All of our people are over 60, live in South Yorkshire and have free train travel.

It reduced our costs by more than one third which for a small charity means a great deal.

Derbyshire County Council cannot get out of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENACTS) but it is for buses only.

The half-price train travel concession has ceased.

I asked a question, as a member of the public, at the last council meeting; why funding for the ACCESS to higher education course in Glossop is being stopped and taken on by Greater Manchester.

Has Derbyshire County Council found a way to conceal its cuts by passing them over the border?

Is it a case that we have been spoiled in Derbyshire and now we have to pay for our adult social care and reduction in youth services, not to mention the school buses to be cut in April 2012?

Graham Ullathorne,

29 Parkhouse Road,

Lower Pilsley