Leg whack amounted to assault

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I was on a tram at about 5.50pm today, Thursday going northbound out of Nottingham city centre and a woman came barging along the passageway between the seats (I was sitting at the end on the outside near the doors) with a trolley and hit my leg as she went past and bashed my bag.

Her mother, I assume it was, following along behind apologised but did not remonstrate with her daughter.

The tram was crowded at the time and this woman’s thoughtless behaviour amounts to assault. I got off at a stop further on because did not wish to be on the same tram. My feelings at the time. I got the next one.

I am alright myself but I do think that people should have more consideration. I notice also in this regard that people often just plonk themselves down in the area where the elderly should be sitting with no thought for such people wanting to sit down themselves. Sometimes they are asked to move.

The trams are frequently crowded out from 3.30pm to 6pm.

But that does not mean that people should act in a thoughtless and inconsiderate manner to older or those with disabilities.

Brian George


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