LETTER: Astounded at how town is thriving


Walking around our little town today, I was astounded at how well the community is thriving.

After coming from university for the final time and settling in back home, I was wandering around the town popping into local businesses asking for temporary employment positions. Not one single business turned me down, they took my curriculum vitae, took time to chat to me and one cafe owner was even kind enough to sit me down with a cup of tea until he could talk to me.

As well as this, I could instantly re-register at my doctors, arranged an appointment at the dentist as early as tomorrow after not being a patient for three years and observed so very many locals enjoying small businesses in Eastwood.

This, in a time when the news is full of headlines of budget cuts, terror threats and ‘Brexit’ negotiations was a sight that warmed my heart.

I could have re-located anywhere in the country, but I chose to come back home to the place that raised me, and it has welcomed me back with open arms.

So, next time you’re out and about, pop into that cafe and have that coffee you’re craving. Go and buy that little trinket you’ve spotted in that craft shop and indulge in your local chippy once in a while. Because, without our support these businesses that make the town great might not be here, and the warmth that I felt in the community today may all but disappear.

Be proud of your roots, and don’t forget to water them.

Anonymous resident

By email