LETTER: Brexit dream will turn into a nightmare

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Who’d a thunk it? Ex-mining areas turning Tory.

Changing from red to blue will only keep things as they have been for decades.

The ideologies of the reds and blues mean they waste vast amounts of time and money, reversing what the other has done; Labour is even reversing their own; to bribe the students.

The EU couldn’t care less how many MPs May’s got. She has arrogantly assumed a coronation, and “dipped her bread” in a split Labour Party over Brexit.

Think: negotiating with “a bloody difficult woman” will simply get the same back, and remember it’s us that left.

The poorer areas of this country have voted red for decades - and are still poor.

The richer parts have voted blue - and get richer.

Since 1945 there have been 18 governments, nine Tory, and nine Labour.

Until the 70s, the first past the post system was a reasonable attempt at “democracy” with 98 per cent voting red or blue.

Now, queen May rules us with just 24 per cent of the vote - 17 per cent of the population; making 76 per cent of the electorate feel abandoned and frustrated with politics.

Being controlled by a totally left or right government will not satisfy an enlightened multi-party people.

At the last GE the Lib/Dem’s got one million more votes than the SNP. The SNP got 56 MPs; the Lib/Dems just eight. And worse; UKIP got 2.5million more, and got one seat. It is completely stupid to call this democratic.

The Lib/Dems have been trying to get proportional representation (PR) for decades, but you keep voting for the “right to rule” reds and blues - and they keep blocking it.

We’ve ended up with a high cost of living, and a divided society. Then we blame it all on the EU (wrong).

It’s obvious to anyone that stops reacting emotionally and seriously thinks about it; leaving the largest market in the world (and multiple projects) has got to be pretty stupid - unless you are rich, or a Tory wanting power- then its brill.

Things will not get better; they will get worse.

Stop being conned with sparkly things by the ideological leaders. Think long term for a change, and pick the party for PR, plus we all should get a vote on the “deal”.

Compromise and coalitions can take longer, but there is no lurching left and right. Germany, Finland and Denmark all manage very well.

I feel we are committing double suicide; first with Brexit and now putting the Tory Party in control of everything for the foreseeable future.

The Brexit dream will turn into a nightmare.

It is not freedom, it is isolation.

You could change everything in the next few weeks, but you won’t.

Wake-up Britain. You are being conned - again.

Clive Trussell

Lynncroft, Eastwood