LETTER: Council to make cuts behind closed doors

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Labour members of Nottinghamshire County Council are incredibly concerned about the methods the Conservative Councillors will use to cut and change services across Nottinghamshire.

Key decisions will go through smaller committees at County Hall.

This means the residents of Nottinghamshire will have under seven days to let their feelings and concerns known about individual budget proposals.

When questioned by me about how the public’s voice will be heard regarding these proposals, the leader of the Conservatives at the council, Councillor Kay Cutts, said: “If the public want to know about these decisions then they can attend the meeting at County Hall when the issue is being discussed and the vote will take place.”

This will be too late for the residents of Nottinghamshire to make their voices heard.

The residents of Nottinghamshire will have less than seven days to make their views known on any decision the Conservatives are going to make – this will include charges to the elderly for services, highways and road maintenance, funding to build schools, the future of our children centres, libraries and youth services, street lighting, and community safety.

It is a shambolic approach and it seems the council leader cannot even get her front bench to agree with her, with one Conservative councillor dubbing the consultation “a charade”.

I am angered that the Conservatives think they can cut and change vital services in Nottinghamshire without properly consulting the residents.

They think they can hoodwink our communities, it is not acceptable and it is not right.  

No politicians should have the power to make such decisions behind closed doors, without the very people that pay the council tax for these services having their voices heard. 

The cynical side of me would suggest they are doing it this way to avoid the public outcry that will come when they make their crass and out of touch decisions, that will most likely affect every resident in Nottinghamshire and in particular the elderly, the vulnerable and children.

This should not be allowed to happen.

The residents of Nottinghamshire deserve to be heard and the Conservatives should not be allowed to cover up their decisions.


Alan Rhodes

Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council Labour group