LETTER: Do we prefer police on the beat?

On the beat
On the beat

From my experience as a ward councillor I cannot understand why PCSOs should be targeted for cuts.

They do a great job in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods, and they alleviate fear of crime by their presence on our streets and visits to people around the wards. The Nottinghamshire Police Crime Commissioner suggests that council tax can be increased to fund PCSOs’ jobs. Yet the police portion of council tax has gone up higher than inflation year-on-year - and such simplistic solutions never consider the impact of extra tax burdens on families and pensioners whose incomes have been reduced.

Perhaps the commissioner might consider whether his own salary and his supporting bureaucracy is worth the price. Perhaps Chad readers may wish to visit the commissioner’s website showing the cost of this office, and decide for themselves whether they prefer ‘police on the beat’ with their local knowledge or yet another expensive layer of administration.

Christine Smith

by email