LETTER: extremism - Government must act

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Atrocities in the world are becoming a nightmare for all concerned, why are there so many youngsters getting involved in these serious issues - is it because they feel left out by society or has something gone wrong in their life?

Many families are no longer a close knit group and many youngsters are looking elsewhere to be involved in decision making and they are being easily influenced by extremist organisations.

What can we do to stop this? No easy answer but early intervention schemes could be introduced. Churches are involving themselves in a very organised manner, they are not only places of worship they have also become places of friendship where you become one of the family, a meeting place where you are welcomed with open arms and where trained personnel are ready to help you with all sorts of problems. There is also help for young families at children’s centres and Surestart were family values are taught by highly trained personnel but you have to get the family to attend no easy answer to that.
Scouts, Guides, Boys Brigade, swimming and junior football clubs all have a part to play in training discipline and life skills to our young people, but one thing is for sure the government and councils has to look at the problem before it is too late.

John Wilmott

By email