LETTER: Housing deadline is today

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After the festivities I want to remind people in Kimberley and surrounding areas that the consultation period for the site allocation of new homes in the area closes 5pm on January 10, 2014.

The current preferred sites, in my view, mean the destruction of greenbelt land within Kimberley and with the county council decision to allow opencast mining in Trowell, as well as the proposed HS2 train line tearing through the area, great swathes of countryside that is cherished around Kimberley will be lost forever, I feel.

The Oxylane development is still a threat despite the recent planning refusal as was reported recently in this newspaper, and the comment of the director of the project that the greenbelt just sits there shows clearly, I feel, the thought process of big business in that countryside should be used for profit. These four projects would increase traffic beyond anything like realistic levels, as well as increase air pollution and decimate town centres and the countryside alike.

Make 2014 the year that we protect the area and start by contacting Broxtowe Borough Council to let them know your views before January 10 and with Euro elections this year and Parliamentary and local elections next year ensure those that represent the area are committed to protecting the greenbelt around us in deeds as well as words.