LETTER: ‘Leavers’ have torn this country in two

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Over the years, people have been electing members of the European Parliament to negotiate our future within the European Union and shaping the EU itself.

Negotiators should naturally be able to empathise and understand the people they are dealing with – this helps them to explain and persuade people to their way of thinking.

I’m sure many people never thought about these qualities being needed for the job when they voted (e.g. Tories and super Tories - UKIP).

The Tories left the main European People’s Party; the largest grouping and joined a much smaller group; European Conservatives and reformists – thus isolating themselves.

This has not helped us in the past, and it won’t help us when it comes to dealing with Article 50.

When it comes to negotiating our desertion and disastrous divorce, I wouldn’t rely on May & Co (bathing in their bestowed limelight).

It is always “us and them” with the Tories.

They are already using blackmail and threats. This will really help us get a good deal – not.

The Conservatives have been split over the EU forever.

They know it makes sense, and money, to work together; agreeing the many standards for goods, quality, environment, and workers safety, health, and so on, enabling us to trade without restrictions, tariffs and customs.

But they are torn by their, seemingly inherited, sense of superiority, arrogance and overwhelming belief in their sole right-to-rule ideology.

We will be the poor, abandoned children, cut off from the security of the EU family, and left being controlled by the natural Tory ideology of money before people; refusing (afraid?), to tax those that have plenty – thus promoting a society of greed, also cutting services and welfare; making everyone else pay.

The Brexit voters out there have helped join-up the Tory party; while splitting and damaging the country.

It is, and will be dominating all Government business. This, as far as most Tories are concerned, will be a price worth paying as they can afford it.

As the majority of people did not vote for Brexit, or this dire situation, it would only seem fair to make really sure, and give the people - not MPs (hypocrites?) a different referendum; one on whether we accept the “deal” before it’s too late.

Protest – join the march in London on Saturday, March 25.

Clive Trussell