LETTER: Party politics are ‘damaging’ town

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How much more does Kimberley have to take?
Once again it seems our Conservative Borough Councillors are working against the best intentions for Kimberley town.

It is my understanding that the officers at Broxtowe Borough Council are fully in favour of allowing a jacket potato stall to sell its wares from toll bar square in Kimberley as they believe, as I do, in that anything that brings in people, however small, will benefit Kimberley and allow it to flourish and foster diversity. 
But by all accounts our local Tory borough councillors have kicked up such a fuss with the officers they have declined it due to the pressure they have put on them even if they undermine the BBC officers. 
Surely this town’s Conservative Borough Councillors should be working for the benefit of this town. 
Over the last two years, all we have been presented with is inward-looking, naval gazing, detracting politics that’s damaging our/my town and it’s about time people are made aware of this shambles and the sooner they start to work for this town the better.

Ellis Tansley