LETTER: Reckless cyclists were nearly killed

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The recent death by a cyclist of a woman in London caused by a bike being ridden with no brakes highlights once again the need for local authorities and the police to crack down on rogue cyclists who think that in this era of sustainable transport that anything goes.

Apparently there is a recent law that introduces fines to cyclists and non cyclists, but these do not go far enough.

Coming home at 9.15pm on the A610 on a Sunday night and going through Apsley, near what used to be the Commodore I suddenly saw five shapes weaving about on the road in front of me; ignoring the four lanes of traffic – two either way – at the time.

These shapes turned out to be five boys aged about eight to ten-years-of-age riding their bikes in and out of the traffic headless of any danger and with cars slowing down to avoid collision.

No lights of course on the bikes or anything else.

I doubt if the riders had even heard of them or cared less about such things.

No prizes for what will happen if they go on. Flowers being tied to lamp posts and RIP comments written on them.

We live in an age where parents claim they don’t know what there children do when they go out and the kids think they can get away with anything anyway.

In Dorset, they had a situation where bikers, motorbikes in that case, kept plaguing the roads. It went on for months, but only ceased when one after the other they all got killed riding along a busy main road leading up toward Wareham some nine miles from the coast.

In Nottingham, we live in a place that praises sustainable transport and likes to be Green in everything that it does. Very praiseworthy.

But taking any sort of transport out on the roads, be it bicycles or anything else carries responsibilities and being a rogue cyclist thinking you are clever to put other people’s lives in danger is not funny. After all, it could be your life in danger if you don’t use lights and bells etc, or a reflective jacket, however boring a thing that might seem to you.

It’s your life that you forfeit in the end by not being bothered about other people.

Like the young man in London who rode a bicycle without brakes and who will no doubt be receiving a prison sentence, having killed someone through his own thoughtless actions.

Do you want to have such a thing on your conscience? Think about it!

Brian George

By email