‘Love came down at Christmas

A favourite carol of mine is ‘Love came down at Christmas’.

In its words it tells the whole truth of the Christmas story. Love did come down at Christmas in the shape of the baby Jesus, born to bring salvation and hope to all believers.

One of the names used to describe the promised saviour of the world was Emmanuel, which when translated from the Hebrew means ‘God is with us’.

This promise applies to us all and is as relevant today as it was at the time of Jesus birth.

Whatever you may believe, I would encourage you all just to pause for a moment and give your own thanks for this truth.

If you would like to join others in celebrating this truth you will be made welcome at any of the local church services.

If you feel that you cannot do this then I encourage you to take a moment and give thanks for the gift of Christmas given to us by God, but also at the same time remember those who are around us who cannot celebrate because of the circumstances they find themselves in.

Maybe you could do something of a practical nature to help them and share the spirit of the real gift of Christmas?

It is amazing what a difference it can make to the lives of others. Christmas is a great time of year to pass on our care and concern for others and is a time to give and receive love.

Presents are a symbol of love. We might have to hide disappointment when we receive a present we don’t really want and accept it in the spirit of which it was given!

For those of us who are able to enjoy a Christmas break we can remember those who are keeping all our essential services going and those who are serving their country in the armed forces.

In all of these things remember with thanks God sent his love to us at Christmas and that there would be no Christmas without Christ.

John Farrington