Medals on show

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Together with my husband and as members of St Mary’s Church Eastwood, we attended the service of remembrance on Sunday November 11.

On entering the church we were warmly greeted by the Mayor of Eastwood Cllr Brian Griffin and we were shown to a seat by a team of sides people, who I might add did a good job of assisting the uniformed organisations into their seats.

The service is always attended by town councillors and this year I noticed that Cllr Don Rowley was wearing a chain of office which turned out to be the Probus Presidents chain.

I fail to see what relevance this has to do with Remembrance Day?

I imagine some people have similar adornments they could have worn but for this occasion and quite rightly, chose to leave them at home. By comparison, it was lovely to see all the medals on show. There were many people wearing medals as a sign of their time in the forces or indeed in memory of a loved one that served in the forces which is really what the service is all about.

Mrs Janet Shaw