Plans are crazy

A planning application is going to be submitted to build Temple Park and I quote ‘a mixed use development of up to 734 new homes on land at Woodhouse Way in Nuthall, as well as a village centre incorporating retail space and a community area’

Anyone who travels around Nuthall island near Junction 26 must think the planners are crazy. This is already an extremely busy island and I travelled on it twice each day to get to work for many years so know full well what happens at peak times and moving ‘bumper to bumper’ on the approach to the island after leaving Bells Lane island in the direction of Eastwood.

I still do travel around this island several times each week to take one of my grandchildren to school (a journey of 10 minutes) but to make sure I get there on time I have to go around the island by 7.00am or I would sit in slow moving traffic.

Only this week there was an accident on the A610 between Nuthall and Eastwood and this caused major problems.

The accident happened at 1.00pm but as I approached the island at 5.00pm to go back to the Eastwood area there were still serious blockages.

Why do cars go on to the island when they can see they can’t exit it? This was the problem after the accident. One suggestion is for ‘do not enter this area until your exit is clear’ signs to be painted on the road. Some cars cut through the traffic and leave the dual carriageway to Nottingham Road but this is a ‘Bus Plug’ from 4.00pm til 6.30pm and not for cars. Police do regularly monitor this area for car users and they face a £60 fine. Without major changes made to this island to build over 700 houses plus a retail park would be absolutely ludicrous. The island just can not take anymore traffic. Over the years more and more lanes have been introduced to the island but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. We all know there is more traffic on the roads and my estimated guess is that for 700 new houses there will be at least 700 more cars coming through the island near Junction 26. Look what has happened to the village of Giltbrook, we all know about ‘Ikea island’ and what a nightmare that can be at times. Please don’t do this to Nuthall without serious thought of the traffic situation.

Mrs Maureen Palethorpe