READERS DEBATE: Advertiser readers have their say on Eastwood’s future and the refugee crisis

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Every week we receive dozens of letters from our readers who give their views on local and national issues.

Here are the latest letters from our postbag...

Eastwood will not become a ‘ghost town’

‘As a local business owner in this town I was outraged to see last week’s front page where Eastwood Town Councillor Ken Woodhead announced Eastwood will become a ‘Ghost town’ if certain amenities close. How dare he!’

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Cameron should improve refugee offer

‘In my view David Cameron is displaying his natural instinct for selection and privilege by attaching conditions to his “generous” offer for Britain to take in refugees...’

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Fault lies with the father

‘Nobody could fail to be moved by the pictures in the press and on TV of the young Syrian lad who drowned off the coast of Turkey on his road to Europe.

However it was not our fault at all...’

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We are very lucky to have been born in this country

‘Earlier this year, Mrs B and I spent a week in Northumberland. We love the peace and quiet and the wide, sandy beaches...’

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