Surely it’s time for something to be done?

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With the precinct in Kimberley now starting to resemble the tube station in downtown Manhattan with the amount of graffiti mounting up and general look of disrepair, at least 20 broken slabs covered in chewing gum, most of the hanging basket brackets bent (car park excluded) can something now be done? Does the CCTV work?

We would like to call out Councillor Richard Robinson in particular on the basis that we have seen little or no effort from him with regard to practical civic pride demonstrated, other than partizan affiliated issues. We would like to remind all councillors they have been elected to serve the community and not the political party they are affiliated to! It has to be said that some do put a lot of effort into improving and maintaining the area they were elected to serve, but sadly it can’t be said for all.

Darren Warner

Greasley and District Civic Society chairman

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