You voted for it

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One of the many ill-informed reasons for Brexit can be seen in the letter last week by Susan McEntee.

Where on earth does she get the idea that they are phasing out elected politicians?

The EU Parliament of 750 MEPs is elected by you – the people; this is how we ended up with the lazy UKIPpers there embarrassing this country.

Everything has to be voted on, and passed by this Parliament YOU voted for. The Council of Ministers is like our civil service- except we don’t vote for our civil service.

A minister is sent from the government of each country. Which Minister depends on the topic (such as justice, trade, environment etc) - that’s the government YOU voted for.The EU Commission is appointed for a five year term agreed by the member states governments YOU voted for. These decide on the ideas and direction of the EU, which then have to be passed by the aforesaid Parliament and The Council of Ministers, before they can be acted upon.

The voting system is a type of proportional representation, so every vote counts.

Unlike the first-past-the-post system we use to elect our 650 MPs; this makes many votes a waste of time. And, as for the 800 Peers in the House of Lords, they aren’t elected at ALL. The EU can be seen as more democratic than the UK. As for the European People’s Party she complains of – that is the Tory party we are stuck with in this relentless battle between the right-to-rule, red and blue parties.

The majority of complaints about the EU are actually due to the inadequacy of our own governments.

Clive Trussell


You don’t know what you’ve got - until it’s gone! Sad.

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