“Eastwood could be like Stratford Upon Avon” - Eastwood Advertiser 12 Jul 2017 ... Eastwood should celebrate DH Lawrence and be a world famous tourist
attraction like Stratford-Upon-Avon, it has been said. Dave Brock, who is a
member of the DH Lawrence Society, said Eastwood's popularity should be on a
par with Stratford, which celebrates the life of William Shakespeare. “It should ...
COLUMN: Haeckelian philosophy inspired DH Lawrence by Dave ... 21 Dec 2015 ... In his essay Lawrence's God, which is based on a DH Lawrence Society birthday
lecture delivered in Cossall Church, the late scholar and critic Keith Sagar notes
the influence of philosopher Ernst Haeckel on Lawrence, as expressed in this
early poem The Wild Common.
Society member quits over centre's bugs event - Eastwood Advertiser 29 Jul 2015 ... A long standing member of the DH Lawrence Society has resigned over a
decision to exhibit wild creatures at Eastwood's Heritage Centre. The DH
Lawrence Centre is hosting a 'bugs and bones' event for kids this summer – but
Dave Brock says it goes against everything Lawrence stood for, and has ...
Row over school plans - Eastwood Advertiser
16 Aug 2017 ... A row has broken out between members of the DH Lawrence Society about a
new school being built in Eastwood. The new Lynncroft Primary School in Walker
Street will block the view of the countryside from Lawrence's old home in the
same road, at number eight. Society member Dave Brock recently ...
GUEST COLUMN: Dog day reflected author's great love for animals ... GUEST COLUMN: Dog day reflected author's great love for animals by Dave
Brock. editorial image. Published: 17:48 Friday 26 June 2015. On the discovery
that the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre had organised a Dog Fun Day event in
June, with a prize for the 'waggiest tail', many self-respecting Lawrence
enthusiasts ...
DH Lawrence group kicked out of library - Eastwood Advertiser 13 Apr 2011 ... Group secretary Dave Brock said the letter mentioned the costs of heating and
lighting, which he described as 'paltry excuses'. Mr Brock said: “It's a terrible,
ridiculous decision. “This is the DH Lawrence Society in Eastwood and we are
talking about coppers.” Nottinghamshire County Council's assistant ...
Historic Lawrence plaque goes missing in Italy - Eastwood Advertiser 3 May 2012 ... A PLAQUE commemorating where the writer once lived in Italy has gone missing
this week. The plaque on the wall outside the house where Lawrence wrote
some of his most famous works has vanished, leaving Lawrence enthusiasts
baffled. Dave Brock a member of the Lawrence Society said: “He ...
Lawrence expert: Author would hate to see Greasley development ... 27 Mar 2015 ... An expert on Eastwood's father of literature has struck out against Broxtowe
Borough Council's preferred allocation of greenbelt release which may threaten “
Lawrence's own countyside.” Dave Brock, 64, who is an active campaigner for
preserving nature and editor of the DH Lawrence Society newsletter, ...
Reader letter: Author had a free-thinking philosophy - Eastwood ... 7 May 2015 ... ... and change throughout our life. In passionately urging people to live more fully
and more freely he did come across as preaching, and was regarded by many as
a messianic figure himself. Although an outstanding writer and thinker, he was
human, with human frailties, as all of us are, in truth. Dave Brock.
Eviction fears quashed - Eastwood Advertiser 13 Aug 2014 ... Broxtowe Borough Council confirmed that Nottinghamshire County Council had
submitted a proposal to relocate the service from Eastwood Health Clinic. But it
flatly denied that the D.H. Lawrence Society would be barred from using the
space for their meetings. Society member Dave Brock said he was ...
COLUMN: The 'forceful essayist' side of D H Lawrence - Eastwood ...
Dave Brock. Published: 10:04 Tuesday 01 March 2016. Readers who have
experienced the profoundly pleasurable emotional uplift provided by D.H.
Lawrence's poetry of works of fiction, and are keen to know much more about the
true state of mind of this most honest and forthright author, would be well advised
to research ...
Review: Lady Chatterley's Lover - Eastwood Advertiser
2 Oct 2016 ... While the world acknowledges D.H. Lawrence's greatness as a novelist, and is
unjustly equivocal about his stature as poet, it is a fact almost universally
neglected that he ranks amongst our finest 20th century playwrights, writes Dave
Plan for homes on Lawrence school - Eastwood Advertiser 30 Mar 2012 ... DH Lawrence Society member Dave Brock said it was 'great news' that the new
owner of the site wanted to keep the Lawrence heritage alive and said he did not
mind the building be turned into housing as long as it was done 'sympathetically'.
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