Cardiff event proves fruitful for members

COMPETITORS from Eastwood Taekwondo Club have been in the medals again, this time at the Welsh Imperial Championships.

The event, which took place at the Penarth Leisure Centre in Cardiff, saw around 450 entries from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales take part, with ten making the trip from Eastwood.

In total they gained three gold medals, three silver and two bronze.

Winners were: Kerry Wilson 5th Dan (silver - sparring), Kev Robinson 2nd Dan (bronze - sparring), Matthew Wilson 2nd Dan (gold - junior sparring, gold - power hand, gold - power foot), Brandon Wilson (silver - cadet red belt sparring), Spencer Churchill (silver - cadet yellow belt sparring) and George Griffiths (bronze - kids kickers yellow belt sparring).

Instructor Michael Wood 7th Dan said: “A was a great day out for everyone who attended including spectators whose input was very much appreciated.”


good day: Members are pictured with their medals.