Confusion still reigns over Badgers’ season

Coronation Park remains locked up.
Coronation Park remains locked up.
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The next instalment of crisis-club Eastwood Town’s season remains a mystery with little further news emerging from Coronation Park regarding the Badgers’ future.

The club’s ground remains locked by Broxtowe Borough Council and, as the Advertiser went to press on Thursday morning, the Badgers are still members of the Northern Premier League.

Attempts by the Advertiser to obtain news from the league have proved fruitless, despite meetings having been scheduled over the last week where NPL officials were to discuss their next move.

Former Eastwood Town director George Barnes claims nobody is currently sure what will happen next.

He said: “We’re pretty much in the dark at the moment.

“The Notts FA have said they will let us know when they hear anything, but as it stands the situation hasn’t changed a great deal in the last week or so.

“We’ve been able to go into the club to get some of the unsold beer which has gone to Heanor Town and also some of the remaining food such as crisps and nuts.

“It’s been a very difficult time and both Albert Harbon (also a former director) and I have had to pay out for a few things, but we now sit and wait for further news.”

Eastwood are not scheduled to play again until February 15 so no further games have been postponed, the visit of Gresley last weekend and the trip to Coalville on Tuesday having already failed to materialise.

But with seemingly no squad to pick from it would remain most likely that the club won’t play again in its current guise.

Mr Barnes added: “The owner was at one point trying to encourage us to go and play at Hucknall Town’s ground, but we’d have to pay them around £70 to do that and then you’ve got all the player wages and so on - although most players have dispersed now anyway.”

Keep an eye on for any further key developments over the next few days.