Eastwood chairman thrilled by new club’s progress

Eastwood CFC in action at Coronation Park.
Eastwood CFC in action at Coronation Park.

Eastwood Community FC chairman Steve Yardley says he is thrilled with the progress being made at the club off the pitch - even if fortunes on it remain mixed.

Yardley was one of the group of four men whose business plan was approved by Broxtowe Borough Council in the summer, allowing the new club to be formed and take over residency at the home of the liquidated Eastwood Town FC, Coronation Park.

And with many of the targets set by the owners having been met sooner than expected, Yardley says the future looks bright.

He said: “We set out a number of objectives we wanted to achieve in the first 100 days and we met them all with over a month to spare.

“That’s a fantastic achievement and has been helped by the superb support we’ve had from the fans, sponsors and all of those working to help build this new club up.

“There is of course still a lot we want to achieve and this will all take time, but it’s been a very positive start given how quickly we had to get the ball rolling in the summer.”

Results on the pitch remain disappointing with only one cup win to the club’s name so far, but Yardley says patience will be key.

“The football side of things hasn’t really worked out as we might have wanted initially but there hasn’t been a lot of time to get a team settled and work out what ticks the right boxes,” he said.

“Things have certainly improved since Paul MacFarland came in and continue to do so. On Tuesday night we narrowly lost a Senior Cup tie to a side from a higher level (Radford) having been equal to them for most of the game.

“What’s been a real surprise is the success of the ladies team and just how much interest that has generated.

“Fans have been coming in good numbers and are impressed by what they’ve seen, whilst the players are thrilled to be getting such good gates.”

Off the pitch, the club’s social facilities have been fully upgraded and work is ongoing in the community to make the people of Eastwood more aware of what is on offer.

Yardley added: “We brought forward the upgrading of the two lounges as we identified it straight away as being an area that could be of great benefit to ourselves and the community.

“We now have the flexibility to offer a room on any given day as a function base but there is also a bar to be used by the local community as they wish. We’re now needing to get out in the town and raise awareness and encourage people from all backgrounds to come and see what we have on offer, both in a football sense and with the facility as a whole.

“The four of us that took on the running of the club all have different skills that are complementing each other very well. That’s helped immensely and as we’re all in this for the long haul, will continue to do so.

“We’re enjoying every aspect of it, from seeing the children loving the soccer schools we run on Saturdays to seeing the fans of the first team appreciate how things are progressing and being patient as we build. That’s crucial to our future and it’s been a massively satisfying thing to do.”