Chairman Morris backs 'winner' Lampard in Rams role

Frank Lampard and Mel Morris.
Frank Lampard and Mel Morris.

Derby County chairman Mel Morris believes Frank Lampard has what it takes to succeed as the Rams' new boss.

Lampard was confirmed as the new man in charge at Pride Park on Thursday, and emphasised his pride at being chosen for the role.

And Morris, whilst acknowledging the risk involved in appointing a rookie manager, feels it will be one worth taking.

He said: "Every managerial appointment is a gamble. All sorts of things can derail a season, we've seen that many times, so it is a risk. But we've spent a long time discussing this and have had many many meetings over the last couple of weeks, and as we've got into the detail we've seen a lot of things we have a common view on.

"There's no doubt that any manager's first job is a challenge, but Frank comes into this with a tremendous knowledge of the game as well as great humility, he is extremely humble and has great empathy with people. He's also a winner.

"I think when you look at his track record with those things he will inspire people, and I'm convinced that will be a major factor in us going forward."

Morris also emphasised that Lampard will be given time to succeed in his role, as the club aims to arrest a rate of turnover that has seen seven new managers in three years.

He said: "We've had that conversation and the answer is yes, of course he'll be given time. Last season we had a couple of tough spells but there was never any pressure on the manager.

"We thought Gary Rowett would be here next season but that wasn't to be. So we're here now and we understand the fact that there will be blips and challenges that come along and we have to be patient with that and so have the fans too, but it doesn't mean we can't be ambitious."

Morris reiterated that finances will have to be kept under control, with budget cuts expected following the club's failure to reach the Premier League this season.

He said: "It's impossible to spend, at the rate we have, year after year after year. Financial Fair Play is very real and we take it very seriously and we've actually been a big advocate of it.

"So it's time to bring our house in order in that regard, but there's no reason why we can't progress at the same time. And I think that's why Frank for me was a standout candidate in terms of being able to manage that blend, both with the players we have and by freshening things up too.

"I think our current squad will be really enthused by this appointment and I think it'll be a major factor in the sort of discussions that could take place if offers come in for them."