NOTTINGHAM FOREST BLOG: Roll on July and the return of Psycho, says Glyn Brownley

Stuart Pearce is the new Nottingham Forest manager
Stuart Pearce is the new Nottingham Forest manager

In my previous blog, I wrote with regards to managers turning down the hot potato job at NFFC . . .

“Then lets look at Psycho, this Forest icon knows if he fails at Forest then it could ruin his immortality on Trentside, so he’s decided to bottle it in my opinion.”

Bottle it . . . Stuart Pearce has never bottled anything in his life and I personally apologise for inferring that he would,

But what has happened is a very big U-turn by Stuart, and some very good reasoning from our owner Fawaz AL Hasawi and club ambassador John McGovern.

In my opinion they have once again saved the club from an embarrassing manager chase after the rather haphazard way in which the search started what with Messrs Warnock, MacKay and Pearce all having their own reasons for distancing themselves from the Forest job, albeit Pearcey did state personal reasons rather than anti-Fawaz rhetoric.

Fawaz and JM must have had a heart to heart and decided that patience is truly a virtue. And, by agreeing to wait for Stuart Pearce to finish his obligations with the press for the coming World Cup, then Nottingham Forest would at least get a manager in place for the new campaign - whether it be the Championship or the more than unlikely looking Premier league,

After the performance against Millwall I am not sure why I am even mentioning Nottingham Forest and the play offs in the same breath, as this end of season campaign for promotion actually reminds me of the ending of an empire like Rome,

A few months ago we had it all in our reach and now The Emperor has been killed and his kingdom is on fire and crumbling with only the innocent people left to rebuild YET again.

Oh how these people have suffered with broken promises, but the people of Nottingham are resilient and will overcome with the help of a chosen one!

If Gary Brazil was to achieve the play-offs this would be amazing and I promise to run through West Bridgford in the buff . . . (not a pretty sight)

So whatever happens between now and the season’s end, is just a footing block.

As the real king of Nottingham has returned to establish his only real club back to its royal position in the Premier League of England once again.

If one man epitomised Nottingham Forest then it has to be Stuart Pearce, his rampaging runs down the field with those massive legs and his wondorous free kicks left those of us that followed his playing days at Forest and England in awe.

The amount of passion he put into every appearance just made us worship him even more, only Brian Clough himself could top this appointment.

My devotion to Psycho was so strong that my first born son was named in his honour, his middle name would have been Pearce but the then wife said ‘enough is enough’.

So, we can but wait yet again for a new start in July when our friendly electrician from ‘the Smoke’ tries his best for us with his boss who must be thinking this five-year plan is a bit like a Baldrick plan . . . as its the stickiest situation since sticky the stick insect got stuck in a sticky bun (sorry for that Ive been dying to fit that in a blog).

All I can say is I cannot wait for a City Ground punching the air in unison to the PSYCHO PSYCHO PSYCHO fist salute and if we lose at least you will know the players will be frightened to get back to the dressing room. Coyr #nffc