Ramshaw explains Badgers departure

John Ramshaw
John Ramshaw
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John Ramshaw walked away from his post as manager of Eastwood Town this week and said: “Enough is enough.”

After a frustrating year in charge at Coronation Park, Ramshaw resigned on Wednesday afternoon citing the lack of resources available to him as one of the main reasons for his departure.

A full statement issued by Ramshaw can be found on the Advertiser website at www.eastwoodadvertiser.co.uk, but speaking after it was released the 59-year-old said he felt he had little option but to leave the club.

“Every match it felt like we were being thrown into a war zone with inadequate weapons,” he said.

“The budgetary constraints, while necessary, made the job so difficult as I simply couldn’t put together a team good enough to compete consistently at this level.

“At Frickley on Tuesday night, we’d totally dominated the game but hadn’t taken chances so I wanted to make some changes up front.

“But when I looked at the bench we had two kids and a player who has about 40 minutes of football under his belt in the last two years.

“It’s situations like that which have made it an impossible job.

“At the end of the day, at any level, it now comes down to finances and Eastwood’s position at the moment means we can’t be competitive.”

Ramshaw, whose assistant Darren Kelk is also expected to leave the club, says he was left mentally and physically exhausted by the situation he was in despite some positive results in recent weeks. He and Kelk are also believed to have had little financial reward during their time at Coronation Park.

He added: “I look at other teams in this league and I think we’re better organised and more tactically aware then some with bigger budgets, such is the sheer amount of hard work we’ve had to do with a team full of kids - without which we’d be getting hammered every week.

“Darren and I have lost so much sleep over it all, but it got to a point where we weren’t doing the kids any favours because they’re not ready for this level yet, and we’re not doing the seniors any favours because they’re having to play with kids.

“It couldn’t go on.”

Club captain Mitch Hanson and defender Paul Riley have been appointed as caretaker managers for this weekend’s trip to Ashton United.