Selston club legend Carl Moore returns to give massive lift

Selston legend and ex-manager Carl Moore has returned as a striker which current boss Karl Steed says has given everyone a massive lift.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 12:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 12:46 pm
Carl Moore - the legend returns to Selston.

Moore, 33, played in Saturday's overdue first win of the season and Steed smiled: “Carl has returned solely as a player.

“Obviously he was manager last season and I was assistant. It has just given us all a big lift. He knows where the net is and we have been lacking an attacking threat.

“He didn't have any chances on Saturday, but I just think his presence on the pitch and in the changing room lifts everyone and is another good character to have in the squad.

“He has had a good break for personal reasons – one thing and another.

“Carl took the decision to stand down and I only ended up managing the one game last season, in which we got a point.

“But he has now recharged his batteries and wants to come and make a difference on the pitch, which I believe he will over the course of time.

“He is the club's all time top goalscorer so obviously a fans' favourite and they were really pleased to see him.

“He came to watch the Boston game the week before and said he couldn't just come and watch that without playing himself. It's good news. He is very welcome back.”

Steed believes Moore should never have stopped playing when he did.

“He was player-manager but then decided not to play himself as much as I feel he possibly should have done. He tried to give chances to other lads and, to be fair, they were not as good as Carl.

“That's a decision he made. But maybe we would have scored a few more goals and picked up a few more points if he had been playing.

“He's not played for a few months so I think he will be two or three more games before he gets into his stride.”

He added: “He looked a bit rusty on Saturday, but just his presence on the pitch and another attacking option helping the lads out at that end of the pitch is massive.

“He talks well. He doesn't have to be scoring goals or even doing much with the ball on the pitch. His presence is just well felt and gives everyone that extra five or 10 per cent more.”