Work on 3G surface at Eastwood’s Coronation Park set to begin


Work on Eastwood Community Football Club’s 3G playing surface is set to begin.

The club’s directors this week announced they had secured sufficient funding for the development at Coronation Park.

Funding in excess of £500,000 has been awarded by the Premier League, the FA Facilities Fund and by Broxtowe Borough Council from their Section 106 provision.

Eastwood CFC chairman Steve Yardley said: “Obviously we’re thrilled with the news that the development can go ahead as planned.

“It’s been an extraordinary year for us here at Eastwood and the prospect of a playing surface that is available for use throughout the entire week opens up some superb opportunities for us as a club, at all ages and of course to the community that we serve.

“One of our biggest challenges since taking over has been the balancing act of getting enough football on at the ground but retaining a playable pitch surface at the same time.”

“The 3G surface makes that problem a thing of the past and allows us to open the doors to a whole host of other clubs and groups that will be able to play football at Coronation Park Stadium.

“I’d like to formally but our thanks on record to the team at Broxtowe Borough Council, Notts FA and the funding partners for their work on this project so far. Without them, it simply would not have been possible.”

Director of Football Jamie Bennett said: “It’s a very exciting time at the club as we become one of literally only a handful of 3G Stadia in the entire UK.

“The main aim in the first two years for us as a club was to create a sustainable operation and this is a massive part of that.

“The new surface will give our junior teams, right through to the first team, the chance to train and play home games on a world class surface, all year round which is fantastic news for everyone at the club.

“Five years ago, nobody would have entertained the prospect of an artificial pitch but technology has come a very long way and only last month we saw England playing a Euro qualifier on the surface and it’s being used in the Champions League this year so it’s certainly the future and the way forward.”