Greasley MW Bowls Club

Round-up by Mick Gorman

With the final league positions and the club competitions now available, I am able to complete this season’s final report.

It has to be considered a successful season for our small band of bowlers.

Tuesday 3 x 4 EBA – Champions; Federation 3 x 3 – Third; Federation 4 x 3 – Runners-up; Saturday 3 x 4 EBA – Fourth.

The club competitions have been dominated by one player. Clayton Wardle has had an excellent season, both as club captain and bowler, and the results rightfully reflect his success.

Four Wood singles winner – Terry Marriott / Runner-up Clayton Wardle;

Two Wood singles winner – Clayton Wardle / Runner-up John Pick;

Three Wood trips winners – Clayton Wardle, John Armstrong and Bryn Chambers / Runners-up Terry Marriott, Ken Clarke and Howard Jones;

Four wood pairs winners – Clayton Wardle and John Armstrong / Runners up Bryn Chambers and Howard Jones.

I have decided that it is now time for some fresh ideas to be introduced into the reports and therefore another person will be submitting them next season.

I would like to thank sports editor Mark Duffy for allowing so much space for our club reports in his busy and very popular sports section.

I would also like to thank the bowlers of not only the ‘Professionals’ but also the ‘Academy’ for supplying me with such good material over the years.

I am grateful for the nice comments made about the reports from bowlers from other clubs and non-bowling readers.

There have been some adverse comments, but I shall do what I have always done and ignore them.

I wish my successor as much co-operation as I have received, and I look forward to reading them.