Kimberley SC win in Worksop

Kimberley Swimming Club members continued with their winning streak by sealing the first 2014 round of the Sports Centre League on Saturday night at Worksop.

With some fine swims, personal bests and tough opposition, particularly from Sherwood, Kimberley won 23 out of 45 events. 

First places went to -

Emma Clements (2), Ben Barsby (2), Mollie Wright (2) Mathew Shipley (2), Chloe Bis x2 (2), Joseph Kingsland (2), Jimi Knowles (2), Charly Neilson, Jade Calder and Bradley Francis.

There were also wins for the following relay teams -

9/U freestyle and medley - Lewis Rounce, Jessica Reeves, Thomas Reeves and Livia Kingsland,;

11/13 medley - Jimi Knowles, Joseph Kingsland, Mathew Shipley and Bradley Francis;

15 & Open medley relay - Callum Williamson, Greg Brown, Ben Barsby and Robert Swinburne;

15 & Open medley relay - Jade Calder, Charly Neilson, Emma Clements and Mollie Wright;

Cannon 20 x 25m - Lewis Rounce, Thomas Reeves, Jimi Knowles, Joseph Kingsland, Bradley Francis, Mathew Shipley, Greg Brown, Tyler Meads, Robert Swinburne, Ben Barsby, Jessica Reeves, Livia Kingsland, Ellie Knowles, Chloe Bis, Katie Horner, Jade Calder, Charly Neilson, Mollie Wright and Emma Clements.

Personal bests were achieved by Joseph Kingsland (3), Emma Clements (2), Tanisha Howell (2) Ben Barsby, Greg Brown, Jimi Knowles and Bradley Francis.

Final points on the night -

Kimberley 229, Sherwood 209, Worksop 155, Mansfield 146, Portland 124, Hucknall 76.