Kimberley secure Diddy League win

Saturday saw the younger members of Kimberley Swimming Club competing in the Leicester Diddy League.

On the night all of the 9-12 year-old swimmers did themselves proud with 35 first places out of 48 events, in addition to a host of personal bests.

Individual first places went to Lucy Middleton, Matthew Jackson, Lauren Shipley, Ted Goonan-Dunne x2, Chloe Bis, Tom Ellis, Jimi Knowles, Livia Kingsland x2, Finley Bunhejee x2, Joseph Kingsland, Jessica Shephard, Will Moore, Katie Walker and Joshua Skinner.

First places also went to the following relay teams -

9yrs 4x25m freestyle & 4x25m medley - Coral Harewood -Soos, Amelia Morar- Sedgwick, Rhiana Hill, Livia Kingsland.

9yrs 4x25m freestyle & 4x25m medley - Isaac Moreledge, Michael Varney, Matthew Jackson, Finley Benhejee

12/U 4x25m freestyle - Tanisha Howell, Abbey Close, Molly Forrester, Chloe Bis

12/U 4x25m freestyle - Matthew Fearn, Ted Goonan-Dunne, Joseph Kingsland, Jimi Knowles

10/U 4x25m medley - Jessica Shephard, Imogen Spouge, Erin Dixon, Lauren Shipley

10/U 4x25m freestyle - Erin Dixon, Lilly Orme, Jessica Shephard, Laren Shipley

10/U 4x25m medley & 4x25m freestyle - Alex Cooke, Tom Ellis, Will Moore, Ted Goonan- Dunne

11/U 4x25m freestyle - Emma Stevenson, Katie Walker, Eleanor Aboutorab, Abbey Close

11/U 4x25m medley - Katie Walker, Ellie Knowles, Eleanor Aboutorab, Abbey Close

11/U 4x25m freestyle & 4x25m medley - Matthew Fearn, Ciaran Smith, Joseph Kingsland, Jimi Knowles

9/12yrs 8x25m breaststroke - Lucy Middleton, Matthew Jackson, Imogen Spouge, Tom Ellis, Eve McGrenaghan, Will Moore, Tanisha Howell, Joseph Kingsland

9/12yrs 8x25m freestyle - Livia Kingsland, Finley Bunhejee, Ted Goonan-Dunne, Eleanor Aboutorab, Joseph Kingsland, Chloe Bis, Jimi Knowles

Overall on the night Kimberley won by quite a big margin. The final scores were Kimberley 267, MeltonMowbray A 211, Burton 162, Kettering 125, Braunstone 112 and Rugby 104.

Kimberley’s Rhianna Hill, Coral Harewood-Soos, Amelia Morar-Sedgwick and Michael Varney were all selected and competed in their first galas for the club and all swam well on the night.