Kimberley swimmers come second in Melton

Saturday night saw the younger members from Kimberley Swimming Club travel to Melton Mowbray to compete in the first round of the 2013 Leicester Diddy League.

The team of 9-12 year olds, including Thomas Ellis and Alfie Hawksworth who were swimming in there first ever gala, all swam hard against tough competition from last year’s league winners Leicester Penguins.

Individual first places went to the following Kimberley swimmers:

Thomas Ellis (9yrs) 25m breaststroke - his first ever gala race, Jimi Knowles (9yrs) 25m freestyle, Anya Deegan (9/10yrs) 25m breaststroke, Joseph Kingsland (9/10yrs) 25m breaststroke, Jessica Shephard (9yrs) 25m backstroke, Ted Goonan-Dunne (9yrs) 25m backstroke, Katie Walker (9/10yrs) 25m backstroke, Josh Skinner (9/10yrs) 25m backstroke, Eve McGrenaghan (9/11yrs) 25m breaststroke, Aiden Williamson (9/12yrs) 50m freestyle, Lauren Shipley (9yrs) 25m freestyle and Alex Cooke (9yrs) 25m freestyle.

Six of Kimberley’s relay teams also claimed victories, swimmers involved being Alexander Cooke, Alfie Hawksworth, Thomas Ellis, Ted Goonan-Dunne, Lily Orme, Jessica Shephard, Imogen Spouge, Lauren Shipley, Dylan Wharton, Joseph Kingsland, Jimi Knowles, Bradley Francis, James McKeown, Jimi Knowles, Anya Deegan, Tanisha Howel, Charly-Marie Pink and Josh Shipman.

Final scores:

Leicester Penguins 201, Kimberley 196, Braunstone 119, Knighton Fields 88, Melton B 70

The next round is scheduled for May 11.