MacFarland takes over at Coronation Park...again

Paul MacFarland
Paul MacFarland

Paul MacFarland has been named as the new manager of Eastwood Community FC after previous boss Tony Clarke stepped down earlier this week.

MacFarland was the last ever manager of Eastwood Town FC before the club’s liquidation, and takes over at Coronation Park with his new charges in a similar predicament on the pitch to that of the Badgers when he became their boss earlier this year.

But MacFarland, who once again will have John Adams as his assistant, believes he can turn around the new club’s fortunes on the pitch.

He said: “Tony did well to get a team up and running in such a short space of time but it’s become clear in the first four games that the squad isn’t proving to be competitive enough.

“So it may be that a good few changes are needed, although I’m prepared to give everyone here at the moment a chance to show they deserve a place in the team.

“I share and believe in the vision the people behind the new club have and fully intend to do everything I can to help it come to fruition.”

Clarke relinquished his role on Sunday, with personal time constraints meaning he felt unable to bring the team up to the required standard following a difficult start.

That responsibility now falls on MacFarland, and it’s something he feels he has to do quickly.

He said: “One thing that’s struck me in the games I’ve seen is that the support for the club is excellent and it’s really important we keep people coming to watch us home and away.

“People just want to see a winning team, no matter what level they’re at, and with a great home like Coronation Park I still feel this new club is something of a sleeping giant in the making.

“I’ll make use of the many contacts I’ve built up over the years to try and bring in new players.

“The youth ethos has worked here before - many of the players I had as Eastwood Town reserve team boss a few years ago went on to do very well in the game - and that’s also something I’m keen to see continue and I think with some good coaching some of the young players already here could have bright future.

“So it may take a little bit of time to get a competitive side together but I feel we can still at least aim for a mid-table finish.”

MacFarland’s first game in charge will be at home to Belper United this weekend.

He added: “The fixtures have been tough from the start with most of the top sides having already played us.

“Saturday’s team may have several new faces which might mean things don’t gel together straight away, but hopefully before long that will improve.

“We then face Harrowby Saints who are just above us in the league so that would be a good target for us to get our first positive result, which in turn will give us something to build on.”