Matters calls time on hopes of forming Eastwood FC


One of the people hoping to form a new football club in Eastwood has abandoned his plans.

Simon Matters announced in April that he was keen to see Eastwood FC help fill the footballing gap left following the demise of Eastwood Town.

But having assembled good support for the project and with the club having been offered a place in the Notts Senior League next season, Mr Matters has pulled the plug citing competition from other interested parties also wanting to form clubs as one of his main reasons.

He said: “We’d made good progress and had a good section of fans behind us, and although there were lots of hurdles still to jump I felt it was possible.

“But it’s become apparent that there are other people trying to form clubs too, and while I don’t have a problem with that in itself, it seems pointless having opposing factions all trying to do the same thing.

“The whole point of me doing this was to try and get a united club together run by the fans, but it’s become clear that there is a very definite split between groups of fans in the town and with that in mind it would be tricky to create one club, let alone two or three.

“The old club wasn’t helped by so much division between supporters, officials and so on, and I don’t want to see that happen again.”

Mr Matters says he was open to pooling ideas and resources with ‘rival’ groups to aid the cause of building a single new entity, but that attempts to do so proved unsuccessful.

He added: “I’ve tried to approach other groups with a view to helping each other, as two heads can often be better than one, but it seems they want to do their own thing, which is fair enough but enforced my decision to abandon my own plans.

“I’ve been putting time and money into this and had a lot of support, but whilst I’m not completely closing the door on it in terms of something possibly happening in the future, the plans of getting Eastwood FC up and running in time for next season now won’t happen.

“The door is always open if other groups want my help or advice based on what we’d achieved up to now, but for the sake of a successful outcome I think there needs to be one club in this town as there used to be and not two, otherwise it goes against my whole reasoning for doing this in the first place.”