Medals galore for the world-beating Wadsleys

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A family of Taekwondo experts from Eastwood have been winning medals galore once again.

Deborah Wadsley and her two sons, Luke and Ben, were at the Unified World Championships in London, with Deborah and Luke both becoming double world champions.

Deborah won ten medals in total, two golds in the patterns and team specials, four silvers in sparring, specials, ladies team sparring and ladies team destruction and four bronze medals in the veteran ladies team sparring, veteran ladies team patterns, veteran ladies team destruction and ladies team patterns.

Luke won two gold medals in the sparring and team sparring as well as silver in team patterns and bronze in destruction, whilst Ben took a silver medal in sparring.

Deborah’s daughter Sophie wasn’t competing at the event but is herself a former world champion.

Deborah said: “It was an amazing few days and as you can imagine, we’re on top of the world!”