Award win for Ebony

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Selston High School student Ebony Upton, has won the Junior Sportsperson Award at Active Ashfield’s 2013 Sports Awards.

Ebony has been nominated for this award for the last two years by Lewis Jones, P.E. teacher at Selston High School and also this year by her parents.

Ebony won the award ahead of 33 other nominations.

In August of this year, she travelled with W.U.M.A Great Britain to compete in the World Martial Arts Games in Geneva, Switzerland.

In kickboxing 2 light continuous sparring competitions, she gained gold and silver medals. She also won a silver medal in Korean patterns Tae kwon-do.

Ebony, who has been training in martial arts for ten years and kickboxing for five years, said she was surprised, nervous but overjoyed to have won.

She added that she wanted to thank her two coaches, Lee Wragg (tae kwon-do) and Shane Holmes (kickboxing) for all their hard work and inspiration.

She also wanted to say a big thank you to her mum and dad for taking her to all her practice sessions and for their continued support.