OPINION: Why the British Bulldog deserves a place in the WWE Hall of Fame

Wrestling super fan Michael Finney who's led a campaign to get the "British Bulldog" accepted into the wrestling hall of fame
Wrestling super fan Michael Finney who's led a campaign to get the "British Bulldog" accepted into the wrestling hall of fame

A Mansfield wrestling fanatic has launched an online campaign to get the British Bulldog inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Superstars from the world of WWE and Hollywood have backed the campaign, joining a petition with close to 13,000 signatures.

Michael Finney writes about why he feels the British Bulldog deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame and encourages people all over the world to sign up...

“I was hooked on WWE in 1993 when I first time watched my childhood idol Bret “Hit Man” Hart who I had a pleasure of meeting twice. I have been in love with professional wrestling ever since. I feel it’s a big part of me and of who I am. I’m very passion about it.

I truly believe “The British Bulldog” is long overdue for the WWE Hall of Fame.

In my honest opinion I think The British Bulldog, aka Davey Boy Smith, more than deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame for all the hard years of work, contributing to the business and for helping to put our country on the international platform of wrestling.

And for opening the doors for current and future WWE superstars.

I started the campaign because I felt that as fans we needed to speak up and get some justice for this iconic legend. I asked Davey’s wife and my Canadian friend “Diana Hart” for permission to create this movement and she gave me her blessing.

The whole Hart family from Canada and the Smith family over here in the UK has been huge supporters to the whole campaign and they have been really good friends to me.

I’ve put everything I’ve got into this campaign and I brought in Hollywood celebrities, WWE legends and WWE Hall of Famers.

Superstars such has Mick Foley, David Hasselhoff from Hollywood, Kurt Angle, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bill Gunn, Randy Couture from the Expendables movies, Hollywood legend Kevin Sorbo, The Fast and the Furious star Noel Gurliemi and recently UFC and WWE legend Ken Shamrock have released videos supporting the campaign.

There are so many celebrities who are involved with the campaign that it’s unbelievable.

I’ve got plans for the future of this campaign. Over 12,600 WWE fans from all over the world have added their signatures to the online petition where fans can sign at www.TeamDaveyBoySmith.com.

Every signature on the petition counts. If the petition becomes successful then Davey Boy Smith will be the first ever British WWE Hall of Famer and it will make history for the United Kingdom.

I believe the whole United Kingdom deserves to have a British WWE Hall of Famer. I’m so proud to be part of this movement and I’m so proud to be the founder of the campaign. I’m very passion to keep fighting for Davey Boy Smith and for the whole British WWE fans and fans from all over the world.

My friends Natalie Wood, Darren Hackett, Peter Maverick Williams and including the legendary Hart Family and so many other friends from all over the UK and the world have been incredible in building the campaign up.

The American wrestling fans have also been very passionate about the campaign and been very supportive. I’m not going to give up hope and I’m going to keep fighting for the British Bulldog to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.”