Phoenix’s Jo helps Irish to the title

The manager of Phoenix Cue Sports in Eastwood has enjoyed success in the World Pool Championships in Blackpool.

Competing for Northern Ireland, the 34-year-old from Newthorpe helped her team to their first world championship success.

One of her teammates is Phoenix Cue Sports-sponsored Emma Cunningham, who is world number one and also won her third world singles title.

Jo said “I spent a lot my youth playing pool. It is an easy sport for young people to access and you can take the game to highest level and I hope this inspires the many youths playing the game.

“We should be very proud of the talent Eastwood is producing. We also have two young players, 17-year-olds Arron Priest and Phil Marriott who have qualified for the England youth team.”

Meanwhile, Nottinghamshire County Councillor Keith Longdon has given the newly-formed Youth Pool Academy £500 to support the development of pool in the Eastwood area.

Phoenix Cue Sports will deliver four free practice sessions for anyone aged 8 - 18 years old on Saturdays September 28, November 2 and December 14 between 12 and 4pm.

There will be ten tournament standard tables to practice on and county players at hand to coach all abilities. There will also be a tournament held at each practice day with prizes given.

For more information contact youth team manager Sarah Taylor or Phoenix Cue Sports manager Joe Coe on 01773 760459.