All-night horror films for Hallowe’en

Dead And Breakfast – Derby arts centre Quad’s annual all-night horror film marathon - returns to the venue to celebrate its sixth year on Halloween, Friday, October 31, from 10pm.

Providing the best in horrific thrills, Dead And Breakfast VI: Six And Violence, screens through the night and concludes with a breakfast bacon buttie - or a veggie alternative - in QUAD’s Café bar in the morning. This year’s line-up includes five classic horror films: Hellraiser, Psycho Beach Party, Torso, Wolfcop and An American Werewolf In London.

Kicking off the evening, Clive Barker’s original Hellraiser, with its demonic Pinhead, is the tale of a dead lover escaping his own private hell, which still has the power to shock and unnerve today.

One third Rocky Horror, one third 1960s Beach Party Movie and one third Slasher Movie, Psycho Beach Party is a unique offering.

Misfit Chicklet yearns to be in with the cool crowd and when she finally does, she starts to have blackouts. At the same time, her new friends are dropping like flies and body parts are popping up all over the beach. Could it be that she is the Butcher of Malibu Beach?

Seventies Italian flick Torso is directed by Sergio Martino and stars Belper’s Suzy Kendall as American exchange student Jane. The film sees her and her friends taking a break from classes and staying at a villa in the country. But there is a killer among them!

Wolfcop explores the modern life troubles of being both a cop and a werewolf. When an alcoholic cop is turned into a werewolf, and with his partner, sets out to bring justice to the city.

Finally, An American Werewolf In London is the story of two American students touring the English countryside when they are attacked by a vicious wolf during a full moon. Featuring ground-breaking Academy Award winning make-up by Rick Baker, this cult classic is directed by John Landis (The Blues Brothers) and perfectly blends the macabre with wicked humour.

Tickets for Dead And Breakfast VI: Six And Violence are £25 or £23 concessions which includes all film screenings, followed by breakfast in QUAD Café Bar. For more information or to book tickets please see

Tickets can also be booked through QUAD box office on 01332 290606.

n Hover Through Fog is also taking place on the same night at QUAD, from 8.30pm.

Presented by 1623 theatre company and QUAD, this is a terrifying theatre/digital participatory performance inspired by Macbeth.

Join 1623, QUAD’s award-winning resident theatre company, for a theatrical exploration of Macbeth’s weird sisters and digital apparitions.

Hosted by Hecat the Goddess of Witchcraft, and Ben Spiller, 1623 artistic director. Digital projections by Darius Powell, QUAD digital engagement curator.

Tickets are £3 and the performance is for those aged ten and over. Call the box office on 01332 290 606.