Catch the latest work by top artist Ivan

An exhibition by internationally-renowned artist Ivan Smith opens at The Bulls Head in Belper on Wednesday, January 30.

Mootants is a playful look at the issues surrounding the advances in scientific research into genetics, and how it impacts on the industries that may profit from its explorations.

Can we, and do we, trust the industry?

Scientific research into genetic manipulation yields higher productivity and profit within the farming industry. Are we happy to allow our livestock to mutate, will we assume these changes to enable an over-populated planet to feed itself or will we all become vegetarians?

Mootants represents a new body of digitally manipulated photographs by international artist Ivan Smith.

He explores these issues using images taken off the internet, a selection of bovine pictures from around the world.

The Bulls Head, at Belper Lane End welcomes art lovers, walkers, beer enthusiasts and dogs (with owners) to join them in celebrating the latest dynamic project by Ivan Smith, which will run through to the beginning of March.