Exhibition in two halves is heading for Southwell Minster

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A major two-part art exhibition by 36 contemporary artists, Crossings: Art and Christianity Now, is taking place at Southwell Minster, in Nottinghamshire, between February 9 and May 10.

The historic minster will be filled with more than 100 artworks made especially for this unique exhibition - twice.

The artists come from a mixture of belief backgrounds but all are interested in exploring the themes of crucifixion and resurrection, and refreshing them visually for today. Each artist has made two artworks, with one replacing the other halfway through the run, showing how these two themes interact.

Crossings is unique to Southwell and will not be seen anywhere else. Artists include Tai Shan Schierenberg, Ray Richardson, Biggs and Collings, Richard Meaghan, Susie Hamilton, Mark Cazalet, Nicholas Mynheer, Paul Benney, Ian Adams, Sophie Hacker, Siku, John Newling, Tom Ormond, Matthew Krishanu, Deb Covell and many others.

The dates of the two halves of the exhibition are as follows:

Crucifixion Now: Feb 9-March 21

Resurrection Now: April 1- May 10

Exhibition organiser and artist, Father Matthew Askey says: “The artists chosen for this exhibition are each exceptional in their own way, and offer us hope that contemporary art, both inside churches and outside of them, is alive today in the spiritual sense as well as in other ways, and able to tell us something of the numinous and the sacred. It also shows us that art which speaks of the spiritual (perhaps even ‘spiritual art’) can be vital and relevant to our loves in this age as much as in any other.”

Photo: Kaori Homma - Under the Foreign Sky