Festival offers five minutes of fame

DERBY Festé is offering a platform to showcase the best of Derbyshire’s artists from across a wide range of live performance styles.

Whether you are a group or solo performer, musician or street theatre actor, comedian or dancer, this could be your opportunity to be part of the festival on its second day.

Performances will take place on the space in front of the waterfall on a continuous basis, with acts providing non-stop entertainment throughout the afternoon.

Ideally the organisers are looking for 15-minute performances, but can be flexible, and want people to let them know details, including what type of act it is, for example stand up comedians.

There will be a minimal vocal PA and limited 13A power available, so ideally performers will be ‘self-contained’ or acoustic, and able to set up and strike any equipment very quickly.

Selection will be based on quality of performance, feasibility, and technical requirements, as well as providing a balanced programme of styles throughout the afternoon, and may include auditions.

For more information visit www.derbylive.co.uk.