Durrant back in the area by popular demand for Edwinstowe concert

Talented performer Richard Durrant is undertaking a short UK autumn tour as part of the promotion for his latest album Stringhenge, and will perform at St Mary’s Church, Edwinstowe, on September 26.

He is back by popular demand following his gig there in June.

These solo Stringhenge shows will feature music from the double album performed on concert guitar, tenor guitar and ukulele.

In his latest album, the composer and guitar virtuoso is once again living on the folk/classical cusp.

The uncategorisable Durrant chose to record on a concert guitar crafted from a 5,000 year old English Oak by Gary Southwell, a four string tenor guitar made in Ditchling by Ian Chisholm (decorated with a silver Uffington Horse) and a humble ukulele. This style of guitar playing could be described as English folk baroque with echoes of Renbourn and Jansch.

Go and see Richard Durrant perform live to hear his unbelievable, top drawer, solo guitar playing. If you’re lucky, you may even get an explanation as to why a catchy little track on side four of his double album is called Frank Bough’s Allemande. All is not as it first appears in the world of Richard Durrant, certainly not on Stringhenge.

Richard Durrant’s performance at the Edwinstowe venue is in support of The Sherwood Forest Trust.

The show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are £15 (£5 for under 18s). Tickets are available from www.richarddurrant.com

Photo credit: Kris Pawlowski

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