Gulliver sets out on his travels

Gulliver's Travels at Derby Theatre
Gulliver's Travels at Derby Theatre

A STAGE version of Jonathan Swift’s classic tale Gulliver’s Travels can be seen at Derby Theatre on June 15-16.

Presented by Dragon Breath Theatre and Curve Theatre, Leicester, the world premiere of a new stage adaptation for schoolsand family audiences aged nine and above, is the culmination of more than a year’s research and development work with local young people.

Dragon Breath and Curve bring Swift’s tale to life for modern audiences with their celebrated epic, visual performance style, in award-winning playwright Peter Rumney’s adaptation.

Appealing to both children’s and adults’ humour and sensibilities, this satirical, topical version of Swift’s books explores parent/child relationships from the perspective of young people, and asks - as does Gulliver by the end of his journey - “what is it to be a human being?

It’s 1699. Lemuel Gulliver sets sail from England for lands unknown. Shipwrecked, he finds himself to be a powerful giant in one land, a tiny plaything in another. Then, abandoned by his crew, he discovers a flying island, and a strange world where men are beasts ruled by beautiful, civilised horses.

Meanwhile, Gulliver’s daughter Molly waits at home for his return, and to hear his extraordinary tale.

But Gulliver’s adventures have changed him for ever? Can Molly help him truly return to the world he left behind?

In Swift’s classic tale, Gulliver finds himself too large in Lilliput, too small in Brobdingnag, reflecting many young people’s experiences of school transition. In this innovative project, Dragon Breath Theatre has worked for a year with eight to ten-year-olds, exploring the effects of transition as they move from primary to

secondary school.

The professional artists have engaged young people in research into citizenship, stereotypes in society, race and gender, and worked alongside them to develop the themes, characters and imagery for the adaptation of Swift’s story.

Director, Adel Al-Salloum said:

“It is fantastic to be working on Peter Rumney’s new dramatic adaptation. Gulliver’s journey is an epic tale of adventure, mystery and danger. The piece enables young people to immerse themselves in the theatrics of storytelling, travelling to unknown lands which is both thrilling and provides a context for some

of the thoughts and emotions young people experience at a time of transition.”

Tickets are £14, concessions £10. For more information and to book tickets call the box office on 01332 593939.