Palace panto princess is a real gem

Gemma Naylor plays Princess Jasmine in Mansfield Palace Theatre's panto Aladdin.
Gemma Naylor plays Princess Jasmine in Mansfield Palace Theatre's panto Aladdin.

In the second of a series of ‘60 Seconds With’ features, we hear from Gemma Naylor, who will play Princess Jasmine in Aladdin at Mansfield Palace Theatre, running from November 28-January 3.

She is best known for being one fifth of pop band Go!Go!Go!, whose music videos play every day on Nick Jr.

Gemma often has the privilege of reading the channel’s bedtime story. Go!Go!Go are signed by Universal Music.

Prior to entering the world of children’s entertainment, Gemma’s work includes Irving Berlin’s White Christmas (original UK cast), The Music of Dirty Dancing (UK tour), Swinging at the Cotton Club (UK tour) and Gotta Sing Gotta Dance (original UK cast).

Gemma is a principal dancer for jazz company The Jiving Lindy Hoppers and was awarded her Blue Peter badge by once performing live on the show with the National Youth Ballet.

Is this your first visit to Mansfield? (If not, when were you last here and with which show?)


What is your usual daily routine and how do you think the Panto schedule will differ?

Panto will be even more fun than usual days!

Tell us about the character you will be playing…

Princess Jasmine is very feisty and a lot of fun.

What fun-fact might people not know about you? (Such as your ‘party trick’ or unusual pet…)

I do a great Britney Spears impression!

Can you give us any gossip on your fellow cast?! (For a family-friendly audience!)

Absolutely not!

What would be your dream theatre role? Who would you love to work alongside?

I’d love to play the role of Elle in Legally Blonde.

Who is the most famous person in your phone/following you on social media?

Erm… Alex Zane (TV presenter and DJ)

What is your guilty pleasure? (For example, a cheesy song, unhealthy food, etc)

I still absolutely love songs by the band Steps!

Tell us your best joke? (Or give an example of a prank you have played on someone…)

What did the cheese say himself to in the mirror? Halloumi!

Where will you be spending Christmas Day this year? Who with?

I’ll be spending Christmas day with my lovely family.

What are you most looking forward to about panto/Christmas/spending time in Mansfield?

I’m looking forward to making the people of Mansfield smile.

What is your message to anyone who hasn’t bought tickets to Aladdin yet?!

Get one!

The theatre is urging customers who prefer certain performances and seats to book as soon as

they can with more than 72 per cent of tickets already sold! Tickets are priced at £14.86 full, £13.84 concessions and £51.25 for a family of four (including a 2.5 per cent booking fee.) To book tickets please call the box office on 01623 633133 or book online by visiting