Sandra performs in Fast Woman

The Glebe Field Centre in Crich is hosting a performance of Fast Woman on Saturday, February 1, from 7.30pm.

This features Sandra Hunt in her acclaimed one-woman play about the life of Hellé Nice, who was a ‘Fast Woman’ in every sense: in life, in love and in motor-racing.

From humble beginnings in peasant France, she roared through the 1920s; danced her way to notoriety at the Casino de Paris; posed nude for Parisian photographers; and risked her life many times on the death-defying motor racing circuits of Europe and America.

She also took part in many other extreme sports such as skiing, performing in high wire acts, mountaineering, and attempting to break speed records.

Her skill and courage brought her success; her brazen publicity seeking and many lovers in high places, brought her many enemies. How did such a colourful character and media darling come to be accused of being a ‘Nazi collaborator’? Was it a jealous competitor or was there an inkling of truth?

The show is directed by stage and screen actor FimeTime Fontayne, who also provides the musical accompaniment.

For tickets, call David Lane on 01773 856664.