Channel 4 looking for East Midlands adults who struggle to read or write for 'life-changing' opportunity

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Britain's battle to get to grips with literacy will be laid bare in a new documentary - and producers are looking for people in the East Midlands who struggle to read or write.

The new programme, which will air on Channel 4, will provide a 'life-changing' opportunity for adults of all ages to overcome illiteracy.

A spokesman for producers Shine TV said: "The UK has staggeringly low levels of literacy. Today, English teenagers 'are the most illiterate in the developed world' with 20 per cent of school leavers lacking the literacy skills necessary for coping with most jobs and many everyday situations. This is worse than every generation before them in living memory.

"What these figures don’t reveal are the millions living with crushed confidence from the shame of their illiteracy.

"Through a 4-month process of experiences to shed their shame and accelerate their learning, we’ll aim to take a group who are lacking the literacy skills necessary for many everyday situations and transform their abilities, enabling them to live fuller lives.

"We aim to lift the stigma of adult illiteracy and deliver an empowering, positive, and uplifting series that will capture the hearts of the nation."

Casters are looking for eight individuals aged between 18-100 who have different personal motivations for wanting to improve their reading, writing, spelling and overall literacy skills.

To apply, you can call 0207 4836710, text 07921694530 or email