TV series looking for badly behaved Nottinghamshire toddlers

Could you benefit from some help with your toddler?
Could you benefit from some help with your toddler?

Badly behaved Nottinghamshire toddlers are being sought for a new TV series.

Channel 5 are producing a new show after a poll carried out YouGov found that nearly half of all British parents have been embarrassed by their toddler's behaviour when out in public.

Laura Amies

Laura Amies

Child behaviour expert and private nanny Laura Amies has been signed up as part of the show and is on a mission to help struggling parents regain control and restore harmony to their homes.

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Laura - who has qualifications in child psychology and development - will take on any issue from tantrums to biting, picky eaters, non-sleepers and potty-training woes.

She said: "I believe a child should never be written off as being inherently naughty, there's always a way to positively affect a child's behaviour.

"In today's modern world, parents can be led to believe that certain behaviours arise due to the fact that their child's nutritional, emotional or even spiritual needs aren't being met - when actually, a good dollop of common sense is often the best approach.

"I hope to share my techniques in a way that inspires the parents I'll be working with - and those watching at home - with the confidence to adopt postivie, sensible approaches themselves.

"Knowing the families could enjoy more time spent together, instead of in conflict is very motivating. As a child-carer I have an incredible opportunity to help not just one or two children but many and I am determined to do just that!"

Produced by the same team behind Dogs Behaving Badly and Three-Day Nanny, the series will follow Laura as she spends time within the family home and helps turn their troubles around.

Anyone interesting in taking part should email, call 0207 598 7267 or text 07399 364 652 giving your contact details and a brief outline of the issues.

Filming will take place mid-June to mid-September.

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